bausmod starting in late 2012 when high school friends Brett and Rob moved back to the Cayman Islands after studying and working abroad, Brett was in the USA whilst Rob went to the UK. Rob had already hit the music video scene and was providing those services in the UK, whilst Brett had already worked on and produced some of the most popular Starcraft 2 parody songs for an old friend, combining in the millions of views. Rob’s passion for film, and Brett’s for audio and parody writing combined back home and bausmod was created.

YouTube Subscribers

Before the creation of the first song “Everyday I’m Rendering” we had started a production company together to both bring in funds and an income, and also fund our bausmod projects. We had older computers and the joke was just as the title says… Everyday we were rending video’s. Thanks for Josh and Karim for staring in that!

Since then it’s been a tricky balance between living, surviving, and providing content, and during our down time songs would be created and video’s put together after. Having grown up with Rob, Will, & David, and being great friends it wasn’t hard to reach out to ask for assistance with Vocals as they are all talented artists and musicians.

Today with just a few video’s and support through the professional gaming community, we’ve be able to attain over 1,000 subscribers, and we are so grateful for the support.

the baus team

Bausmod is comprised of a several core people who you will see from time to time in our projects. Most of us all grew up together and what we deliver are all passion projects.
We are so thankful for everyone’s support and are just looking to have a blast.

Brett M.


Rob T.

Principal Cinematographer

Will V.


David I.


Matthew M.

Idea enthusiest

Rebecca V.

Cheetos Snatcher

Lauren A.

Certified Potatoe Tamer

Jesi C.

Party Popper



Helmet Man

Not too sure.