DEMOTED (Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know feat. Kimbra) Starcraft 2 Parody

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Demoted is a parody of the popular “Somebody That I Use To Know'” by Gotye & Kimbra.

Since around late April and early May 2012 the idea was bubbling when the infectious “Somebody That I Used To Know” was making it’s rounds on the internet. Climbing the Youtube Charts, I got inspired and lyrics just started flowing in my head as the theme of a 2v2 Conflict Starcraft 2 song hadn’t really been executed yet. After writing a few lines I had that “itch” to just start recreating the song in Logic – just to see if the idea’s would flow. I started with the very basic pattern and recorded some scratch vocals and viola it happened. Later spending many hours fine tuning and getting the core together after programming synths,performing guitar and then the bass licks to match. (not in that particular order)

I knew I personally couldn’t sing the high notes in the song, so I looked to my good friend Will. He has a killer voice and I love collaborating with him. He was down and had already featured in a few SC2’s songs I’ve done.

Next was to find the girl to fit the part. At first I struggled, not knowing who I could get when Rebecca volunteered to give it a shot. I was impressed and we rolled with it!

We attempted to get a few sponsors for the video, but to no avail and proceeded to self-fund with time and beer. (this is what really took us forever to get the filming done… postponing in hopes that someone would be willing to sponsor) – I do have to commend Cayman Islands Brewery for discounting $4.50 off the White Tip Beer! It went to a good cause.

Fortunately, I have great friends who love to help out.
Had Jeff Reid, Jason Reid, Matthew McTaggart help with in game footage
Froggy Gonzalez to take care of the filming.
Then all that was left to do was finish the edit which took roughly 16 hours (with breaks) & do some artwork.


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“EVERYDAY I’M RENDERING” – BAUSMOD (feat. Karim Theos and Josh Carrig) – Parody

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“Everyday I’m Rendering”

Everyday I’m Rendering is a parody of the popular “Hustlin'” by Rick Ross.

It has been in the works for quite some time as the audio was recorded in late 2011/ early 2012 when Brett came up with the concept and got in touch with local talent Karim Theos. Together they spent some time fine tuning the lyrics and recording where it was then mixed and ready to go. (Josh Carrig was the lovely intern who worked/works for Karim.)

Next came the video which was Directed/DOP’d and Edited by Rob Tyler (mostly!) with the assisting of others. We’d like to thank Froggy Gonzalez for the additional Cinematography and Tonie Chisholm for additional help with production.

Special Thanks to:
Kevin Watler @ Cayman 27 for letting us use their green screen.
Lions Productions, for letting us use their Location,
Rob Neesome @ Obar Cayman, for the Nightclub Location
Pam Burgess, from Suite Elite band: for acting.
Lauren Anderton for  acting.

We’d like to thank all our friends who came out, danced, and had a blast with us.<3

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