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“AWP So Hard” is a Counter Strike: Global Offensive parody of N*ggas in Paris” – originally performed by Jay-Z and Kayne West


Artists: Brett & Will


AWP so hard muthafucka's  can't snipe me,
You will never out snipe me.
What's your little scout to a bigga awp like mine,
Can you please remind me?

AWP so hard. you don't faze me,
your studder-step is so lazy
Bet I'll AWP everyone of you,
When you look at me like this shit crazy.

AWP so hard in full gear.
You're supposed rage right here.
AWP so hard, you're still there?
Wish you didn't peak back there,
I might go, out snipe yo, Whole team though
Take your pick: Headshot, HeatOn, Problem?
You're Next.

AWP so hard, I broke your Glock,
Eye's red, like you smoke pot
Order please, I'm losing time
Zoomin' in- I don't miss shots
AWP so hard, I'm shocked too
Pickin’ off nerds, I'll pocket you
You survive, If I survive,
You'd be embarrassed if I AWP'd you too..

AWP so hard got mad aim
All you autos are mad lame
Dome poppers, Skull droppers
still in game with my sick ace
AWP so hard, bitch please stay
We already on round eight
Show down,  T blows
All you got left… TK

AWP so hard- Dat shit Pro.

I said, “Bushy will you please drop yo’awwwwp”
He said, “Acka come and meet me at the tawwwp”
Bunny hopping like popping Adderall
Oh you think I’ll knife you? nawwwwwwt

AWP so hard, that shit pro — ain't it E? ?
AWP so hard, is it over? this maps for T.
AWP so hard, you’re spots so old, can’t be sane
AWP so hard. Act like you every be fucked by an AWPer like this again.

Easy picks, that's your team,
Wipe that whole' damn bomb-site clean.
Check your pants, for accidents,
I’m just saying
Fifteen-oh at the half, you think you're playing?
If I was you, i'd rather F10 – quit complaining

What’s Ninja my Jamma’s?
What’s Steamin' my killa?
What’s death to adda’ ?
Thanks and Shout-out to Razer
We’re on s 64ticka’s and we sufferin’ from misses
Are the Pro’s here just Virtus? Cause they going bazerkurs

AWP so hard-

You are now watching me own
Don't let me look in my scope x3
These other AWPers are naahh
AWPin like a big Po-ta0toe

I got that big head in my scope.
Know how many big heads that I dome?

Don't let me look in scope x4
GabeN's in the building, and now my hands them trembling
I know I must be hittin’, my bullets not effecting
You are now watching me load,
Don’t let me look in my scope X2

I was definitely in your scope

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