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“Champion” is a Rocket League parody of “Sunflower” – originally performed by Post Malone & Swae Lee


Artists: Machu & Brett


Never was best, but I keep trying
Play’s pretty bad bad, pretty useless (yea)
Calling it quits now, maybe I’m a wreck. (Wreck)
Crashing down the ranks now, maybe too late
Needless to say, I’m a keep playing (say)
Even though bad, bad- never I rest
Calling it quits now maybe I’m a wreck.
Watch some twitch streams, hit up Squisheeehh

Holding on joystick, feelsbackfflip
Text says, “what a save”- maybe I’ll quit
Guess I’ll take the big L, know how that felt
Grabbing on the side boosts, party on tilt

Dat deh full, boost can’t refuse
Brotate off, they cut me soon
Drippeh, don’t make me lose.

I’ll eventually give up
‘lessUm stuck by ya **
you’re my Sunlesskahn
I think I’m sucking just too much
I’ll eventually rank up
When i’m stuck by ya.
You’re my champion
My obi wan

Every time they’re beating on you
Press hard and challenge the ball
Wish you could ceiling on them
Flip-reset easy for me, oh

Every time you’re on the ground
I can hear you telling me forfeit now
Fighting for the luck, 50/50 now
Even though we gotta risk it all right now

I know you hesitate to go
You gotta trust what’s in your soul
Gotta practice and you’ll be pro
But you’ll never be Rizzoo’

You’ll eventually rank up
When I’m tuck by ya
You’re a Padawan
You’re unraveling too much
And you’ll eventually rank up
When I’m stuck by ya.
You’re a champion
Grand champion.

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