Heart of the Swarm (Mp3 Download)

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Here is our Karaoke style childrens song created for the TeamLiquid HoTS Launch Party. Enjoy!


I can go to your base
you’re mining, minerals, mainly
Tell me, Grubby
Now when did you last let your own probe die?

I can Baneling your wall
God, I wish I had lurkers,
Burrowed, deeply and under
Neath a Terran bio force.

Heart of The Swarm
Hellbat drops are freakin’ strong
More drones to barbecue or hot drone stew.
Or surround the bold, brave Queeny.

Heart of The Swarm
Mothercore I always use
Cause when it’s way up there
I am prepared
To “A” Move with my whole new force to you

Oh my gosh a Tempest Force!?
Unbelievable Range
Unachievable victory
Slowly, fumbling, progressing
‘Cross an endless Korhal sky

Heart of The Swarm (Don’t you dare kill my creep)
A hundred thousand Lings to beat (Get your blue, it burns betters)

I’m like a Window Mine,
It’s burrow time.
I can’t go back to vulture spider mine

Heart of the swarm (Every Rush a surprise)
With my Tanks, control group 2 (My defense is now better)

I’ll siege them anywhere
There’s Gas to spare
Let me play Heart of the Swarm with you

Heart of the Swarm
That’s where we’ll be
A thrilling Oracle
A wondrous Swarm Host with Locus
For you and me


Brett McTaggart — Producer/Engineer
Rob Tyler — D.O.P/Editor

David Innis
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/15rGXR1
Twitter: http://bit.ly/XQ7AJV

Brett McTaggart @brettmct

Special Thanks to:

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