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Here are some of the people who have help us by either donating monetary, advertising, gifts, or other ways!

Thanks to Rampant Design who out of the blue sent us some awesome Visual FX and Overlays. Sean Mullen from Rampant was the first person ever to do such an act of kindness and for that we are grateful.

Thanks to Razer who kindly sent us some Kraken headphones and shipped them at no cost all the way to Grand Cayman. We notice they are always looking out for the gaming community in any way. Thanks guys!

Thanks to Grubby for many encouragements and skype chats. You really pushed our video’s and promoted our material at your own free will on your streams. You were so much help and such a nice guy!

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  • /u/TheLobstrosity – 1000D

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You can support us and become apart of our list by simply donating, featuring, promoting, or anything really!

If you really love us and have your own idea’s, you can always reach us at
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If you do send a donation and would like to be on our list, email us with what you’d like to be called (your name, gamertag, alias – & please be reasonable, we won’t add horrible or discriminating titles) and the amount donated.

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We aren’t actively looking for sponsors, but if you’re interested you can email us at with how we can work together. We want this to be fun.

How do donations help?

Donations help cover the cost of web-hosting, website maintenance, production costs and just about anything else that costs us money here. Currently everything is out of pocket, such as studio time, filming, props, advertising, promotions, actors, computer programs, equipment, you name it! Anything counts!